I have been a photographer for the past 10 years, exploring themes of loneliness, belonging and everyday wonder.

The photographs available here have been shot on film and scanned at home in a way that maximises detail and tonality. I believe that film, with all its imperfections and materiality, complements the themes of my work.

I am dedicated to providing prints that I am proud of, and that you will be happy to have on your wall. I have proofed, adjusted, and checked every photograph that I sell here, to ensure that it comes across as I intended on paper. The choice of materials (film, paper, ink, printing method) is equally intentional. Whether it is the burst of colour on a beach-side scene, the subtle melancholy of a city lit by the last rays of sunset, or a contrasting black and white maze of mirrors, I have put in the time and effort to make the print stand out.

All the prints sold here are made to an archival standard, whether they are inkjet or silver gelatine prints.

I want to make photographic prints more accessible. To aid that, I offer a simple shipping policy, as well as a 14-day returns policy.

Get in touch

You can view my photography blog at fotis.photos, or follow me at @isfotis on Instagram.

If there is an image from my portfolio that you would like to see printed, or if you have specific print size requests, please contact me.

Finally, I hope you enjoy your prints when you receive them! I would love to see images of them on your wall, or to hear how you use them.

— Fotis Papadogeorgopoulos

The author taking a photo, reflected on a store's window. They are staring down at the camera through the viewfinder. The store and the city seem to be surrounding them.
A series of prints laid out on a table. There is a figure of a person at the farmer's market, a purple sunset cityscape, and an evening grocery stand.
A print of chairs stacked on top of each other, at dawn, in black and white. A printed certificate of authenticity and holographic sticker are laying to its side.